Knowledge Base

Flexibility work itself seems to have an aura of mystery surrounding it, that can make it inaccessible to people who just want to increase their quality of life and movement capacity.

Apart from uploading things that he finds interesting, Emmet aims to demystify developing flexibility in adulthood by providing effective stretches and methodologies that can be used by anyone.

One of the biggest limiting factors in adults gaining flexibility is their belief that they can’t actually gain flexibility. Which is just simply not true. Emmets freely accessible material on flexibility development should, if applied correctly, be able to dispel that belief for anyone willing to be proven otherwise.

There are no “top secret” stretches or methodologies and getting flexible isn’t reliant on some specific coach expertly manipulating you into position. The ideas and tools have been around for a very long time, some of the videos that Emmet uploads draw inspiration from chinese techniques of flexibility development that are hundreds of years old.

Emmet’s recent videos aim to go against the current grain of providing information in smaller and smaller chunks: 15s videos, minimally descriptive pictures, exclusive content etc. So with his front split video, he gave a clear road map from 0 to being able to achieve the front split. Something he will aim to film more of in the near future.

By doing this, he hopes to create a culture of openness and sharing in the community and a more complete and easy dissemination of ideas.