Online Training

After a career in Circus Arts, Emmet Louis transitioned into the Fitness Industry, only to realise that he wants to do things a bit… differently. He is best known for his flexibility coaching, but offers a full range of acrobatics, handbalancing and personal development coaching as well. Emmet has been offering online coaching since 2014, and aims to work with what every indivdual brings to the coaching as opposed to offering a prepackaged set up.  



We understand that our clients come from diverse backgrounds and stages of their life. We tailor our programming to both lifestyle and individual training history and other training activities you might be taking part in. We aim to make our training simple to implement. We aim to support your life not take it over.

We like to work with people that are able to train autonomous. We like to assist in overcoming stagnation in your own training.

We do not coach “Movement” online as this is too diverse a field to coach effectively in an online format. What we do is work with you to establish your goals and provide programming and guidance to help achieve them. We use modern and ancient approaches to strength and mobility training and don’t limit ourselves to one style of training but draw from many sources to create effective programs.


We’re looking for clients who have a good grasp of the basics of exercise. If you’re completely new to training, we recommend finding someone competent in your area as online coaching isn’t the best format for beginners in our opinion.

The main training areas we excel at in the online format are mobility/flexibility training for adults, handstands from beginner to advanced and body weight strength training. We can also offer guidance on more soft skills such as meditation, breathing practices and nutrition.


Coaching begins with an initial complimentary online consultation to discuss goals and to see how well we’d work together. We then will go through a detailed initial assessment and injury history, we aim to have this process complete in 2 weeks but depending on your personal circumstances this might take longer as we need to get as much testing as possible done to effectively program for you.

Once we have all this information a program will be made for you. Phases generally last 6 weeks but as we get to know your body and how it responds to training this might decrease or increase depending on how you respond to training.


We like to think of ourselves as consultants, available for guidance and support if necessary. However, we prefer a minimum of contact once a week for a short update on progress, difficulties etc. This enables us to adjust the program for unforeseen circumstances.

Of course you can contact us any time with questions or further form check requests. For detailed questions/discussions regarding your training there is also the possibility of arranging a Skype call every now and then. So, just like the goals and the process, the amount of contact usually depends on the individual student.


To ensure consistent quality in online coaching, the available spaces are limited. If you’d like a place on the waiting list please let us know, and we will get in touch as soon as a space clears up, so we can start with the initial assessments. Email to begin the process.


Cost of online training is €300 per calendar month with an initial commitment of 6 months. Subscription is set up via PayPal though other arrangements can be made.



M3 Online is coaching specifically for flexibilit / mobility orientated goals. After a full analysis of your current mobility/flexibility levels as well as your personal flexibility type you will receive a tailored flexibility program specific to your flexibility needs, lifestyle and commitments. M3 online is easily implemented into your current training, improving your flexibility without having to sacrifice other goals.


Our approach to flexibility is unique in that we aren’t allied to one specific method or dogma. All modalities and techniques will be considered in your program creation and will be used according to your current level and individual response to these techniques.

We use everything from relaxed static stretching, to end range strength techniques, to high speed techniques, to partner stretching. As well as having an extensive amount of exercise regressions and progressions, our main goal in coaching is to develop flexibility across the whole spectrum of what’s physically capable, relevant to your needs and activities.


We have no starting requirements, with training open to anyone regardless of your level, experience, or training history. We’re capable of coaching those with all levels of flexibility and relish the opportunity to work with as many different body-types and people as possible. From those who consider themselves stiff or have struggled with gaining flexibility, to those of you who have high levels of flexibility looking to push above and beyond in a safe and sustainable manner.


When thinking about serious and significant changes in flexibility, in my experience, it takes about 18 months to set a new baseline. It is a regular occurrence that progress comes a lot faster than this, but thinking in 18 month blocks avoids any potential disappointment. We provide phases in 6 week blocks, with an assessment week towards the end of each phase to see what has worked and what hasn’t. Pricing is 100 Euros a month, recurring.