Splits Routine

This routine is a general case application of some of the Methods and Principles of the Modern Methods of Mobility syllabus. This would be aimed at people who want to make very quick progress on the side splits and reduce the volume on other lower body flexibility volume. The side split is more technical than most other lower body flexibility where if you don’t find you’re own personal degree of anterior tilt and external rotation then you’ll just ended up jammed on your bone limits and have limited progress.

Remember that everyone’s pelvis geometry is different so you have to really find your own here. Also be careful of keeping the feet flat and forward Chinese martial arts style as a lot of you haven’t got the required ankle mobility to uncouple the external rotation of the femur from the ankle position and will just kill progress by not getting any external rotation.

Every 5 days perform the following:
A: Tailors pose [2320] 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps + 20 – 30s hold on the last reps
B: Horse stance squats [2320] 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps + 20-30s hold on the last reps
C: Isometric side split holds, 3 – 5 sets of 45s – 60s

Notes: For A and B add 1 set each repeat til you reach 5 sets, then deload back to 3. For the holds on A and B do not relax fully but maintain a 50% contraction. For C slide out into your current middle split do a couple of quick 2-3 second contractions slide further. Then start the isometric. If you can’t hold steady unwavering tension then more your feet in a couple of cm on the next set.