Since I can remember my heroes have always been fictional. Hero Turtles, Power Rangers and Street Fighting Yogis have been my inspiration. Their control over their bodies and its transference into the real world left me in awe and craving the same.

This desire to develop control over my body has fueled my life and its journey since that young age. From starting Yoga at age six, not many boys in a yoga class in 1980’s Ireland let me tell you that. To flirtations with various martial arts. My first major love was the freedom grant by inline skating. What you did was judged not on archaic rules but either what you did was impressive or not.

These codified systems didn’t give me what I craved but gave me the tools to help me realize that goal. Each skill I found fed into the feedback loop. I began to learn patterns about learning and how these things all inter related to each other.

Brief forays with normality via theoretical physics in university led me to discover the circus world and its skill based social capital.

Dropping out of university to join the circus and traveling the world, displaying my skills and feeding my ego on the stage.

But everywhere I went I encountered the same. I’d meet people and the same words would come from their mouths,

“That’s amazing I could never do that”

All I’m thinking each time is,

“Yes you can you fucker you’ve just never tried”

My new life aim is two fold: One, to teach you that all it takes is trying and embracing the suck. And. Two, to comprehend and dissect information and make it understandable and immediately applicable for the people who follow it.