Emmet Louis

The Splits Wizard

My life aim is twofold: One, to teach you that all it takes is trying and embracing the suck. And two, to comprehend and dissect fitness information and make it understandable and immediately applicable for the people who follow it.

Train Under Emmet’s Tutelage

Rather than gatekeeping his knowledge behind cryptic language and exclusive mentorships – Emmet’s democratized his coaching knowledge though these online projects that you can start training immediately through standalone online programs or online coaching with the M3 and HSF teams.

Emmet also offers bespoke online coaching for the most dedicated of practitioners, but spots are limited.

Achieve Extraordinary Flexibility

Flexibility training for adults that actually works – accessible to the stiffest person and progressive enough to challenge advanced athletes.

Learn Beginner to Advanced Handstands

With Emmet Louis and Mikael Kristiansen through Handstand Factory.


Join Emmet as he looks at topics ranging from the biomechanics of stretching, the various methodologies for range of motion development, how the environment effects our results and how our mindset and self story effects our development.

The Handstandcast

A podcast on all things handbalancing and more by Emmet Louis and Mikael Kristiansen – discussing why they teach handbalancing the way they do, chatting with notable handbalancers and exploring all corners of the handbalance universe.

The Fellowship of the Range

Listen to the wisdom of three expert coaches in the art of range-of-motion as they seek to provide contextual analysis and application of current trends in the Fitness Industry regarding all aspects of flexibility development.

Listen & Learn from Emmet

Emmet hosts a series of regular podcasts where he discusses training methodology, trends, etc.

You can also follow him on Instagram for snippets of quality coaching and training advice: