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Flexibility work itself seems to have an aura of mystery surrounding it, that can make it inaccessible to people who just want to increase their quality of life and movement capacity.

Apart from uploading things that he finds interesting, Emmet aims to demystify developing flexibility in adulthood by providing effective stretches and methodologies that can be used by anyone.  While you can find his most up-to-date material on Modern Methods of Mobility and Handstand Factory, below is a preserved list of free legacy resources Emmet has produced throughout his years as a coach:

Interviews with Emmet

In addition to his own podcasts, Emmet has also been a guest on many fitness podcasts and YouTube channels. You can find those here:

36 Legs of Berlin

Quick & Dirty Front Splits


Middle Split

Pancake Routine

Backbend to Bridge

Fixing Arched Back in Handstand

Learn 3 Ball Juggling