Pancake Routine

This is a specialization program equivalent to the head to toe program (below) but for the pancake.

Prerequisites: You need to be able to already lean over around 45-60 degrees in a seated straddle. The more flexible the better.

Time span: 4-6 weeks and then deload and repeat it if you need it.

Frequency: 5-7 times a week. Everyday is better for consistency. Other rules for ballistic stretching can be viewed in the ballistic stretching FAQ (below).

Routine: Perform 3 sets of 20 pulses in 5 different directions each session, resting as needed between sets. In the first position the torso is turned towards the leg with the hands on either side of the leg. Holding the leg with the outside hand might be good in order to add a little bit of a pull. Pull forward rather than chin to chest. Pull to the end range, then pull a bit deeper, then come back, aiming to square the hips as much as possible. Do 20 reps and then turn to the other leg and do the same thing on that. Next is the angle between the mid line of the straddle and the leg. As an external cueing we spot something on the floor and try to touch it and then try to touch a point beyond it, and then beyond that, ie. always trying to reach something that is slightly beyond our grasp. The last direction is straight in the middle. Make sure to contract the hip flexors, pulling with the quads.