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Front Split

The front split deep dive covers almost everything you’d need in getting the front splits and came about, it focuses on the development of the hips square front split as it’s more transferable to various acrobatic skills.

A very important sensation that you should become aware of is the idea of sucking the head of the femur into the socket of the hip using the hip flexors. This becomes incredibly useful with reaching the levels of hip flexion required from the front split.


Active straight leg raises: This exercise builds strict hip flexor strength, you want to be able to lift your leg to 90 degrees to the torso, if you can’t, then this exercise is for you.

3 sets of 3 – 5 x 10s isometrics + 6 – 12 lifts holding each lift for 3 – 5 s


Silver Leap Protocol Hamstrings: This exercise layers stretching methods into one exercise, combining shortening, lengthening and pulsing to create an incredibly effective advanced stretching exercise.

3 sets of 3 round of 10s crushing iso, 10s lengthening iso and 20 pulses


Lateral Hamstring Floss: This exercise came from Liv in stretch therapy, though it’s been modified slightly. Think about little toe coming toward opposite side ear for this and only allow the forward movement to come from the hips and not from the spine flexing.

3 sets of 20 – 30 repetitions holding for 1s in the bottom


Long Lunge: The Long lunge is to the front split what the horse stance is to the middle split and is useful for showing you how much hamstring flexibility you’ll need in your front split. As a minimum you want to work up to having your front leg parallel to the ground.

3 sets of 60 – 120s holds


Back Leg Extension: This exercise strengthens the glutes as the shortening side of hip extension, using a block as a means for targeted stretching. Ensure that your weight rolls out to the outside of the foot so that the hips aren’t opening out. The goal is to use the contact point as tactile feedback, so that you aren’t lifting your hips out and not getting maximal hip extension

3 sets of 6 – 10 repetitions and 10 – 30s hold


“Seeing through time” Hip Flexor Stretch: This is one of the strongest solo hip flexor stretches I’ve found. Start with a light weight at first and use it as a drive to pull yourself down and forward, then use the hip flexors to pull yourself out of the bottom position.

3 sets of 6 – 10 repetitions and 10 – 30s hold


The Longer Lunge: This is the bridge between the long lunge and the front split on the floor and allows for a lot more room of playing with stretching the hamstrings and keeping the hips square. When getting used to it, using a support is okay but eventually you want to be able to do it without.

3 sets of either:
– 30 – 90s hold
– 6 – 20 reps contracting and expanding
– 15 – 70 pulses


Hip Extension Focus Front Split: This is an extension focused front split that is very useful if your hamstring flexibility is good but for some reason you can’t extend the hips well. Think about using the entire back of the body to facilitate this.

3 sets of 30 – 60s hold or 4 – 10 repetitions in and out


Front Split Slide: This is a fantastic exercises for finishing up your front split or breaking through the sticking point that was mentioned earlier. It’s important to do it on a surface that slides or with furniture sliders and is best to use something to support your hands on when starting out.

3 sets of 6 – 10 repetitions and 15 – 30s hold

An Interesting Method

This is a novelty exercise that I’ve found interesting and could be useful in your training if you want something fun and unique in your front splits training. I call it “1953 splits routine” as I found it initially in an old man strongman magazine from back in the day.

You’ll need a support, a wall is okay but a beam or something is better as you want your head to be able to pass beyond it. Start narrow at first as the aim is to widen the stance as the set goes on, alternating between hinging at the front and extending over the back leg.

2 – 3 sets of 10 – 20 reps 2 times a week