Learn the Art of Handbalancing online! The Handstand Factory online programs by Emmet Louis and Mikael Kristiansen combine the long tradition of handbalancing training from a circus perspective with a modern understanding of biomechanics, contemporary sport science and modern research into flexibility development for adults. Each program achieves this with hours of high quality in depth videos, complimented by a thorough manual that covers all further theory on both handbalancing and flexibility training, sample programs and important insights into building an autonomous handbalancing practice.

So far, the Handstand Factory syllabus provides a complete progression of handbalancing online programs from absolute beginners learning the basic freestandstanding handstand, with the PUSH program, to helping more advanced handbalancers, looking to get their one arm handstand with the PUSH HARDER program. The Handstand Factory also has the KEEP PUSHING program, which aims to develop increased freedom, expressiveness and control in the two arm handstand and the PRESS program which provides a roadmap to the much coveted press handstand as well as beyond to the stalder press. Emmet’s and Mikael’s collective knowledge from years of training and coaching is distilled into the Handstand Factory and provides a thorough path to a successful handbalancing practice.