After a career in Circus Arts, Emmet Louis transitioned into the Fitness Industry, only to realise that he wants to do things a bit… differently. He is best known for his flexibility coaching, but offers a full range of acrobatics, handbalancing and personal development coaching as well. Emmet has been offering online coaching since 2014, and aims to work with what every indivdual brings to the coaching as opposed to offering a prepackaged set up.

In his personalised online coaching, Emmet works with you to establish your goals and provide programming and guidance to help achieve them. We use modern and ancient approaches to strength and mobility training and don’t limit ourselves to one style of training but draw from many sources to create effective programs.

The main training areas we excel at in the online format are mobility/flexibility training for adults, handstands from beginner to advanced and body weight strength training. We can also offer guidance on more soft skills such as meditation, breathing practices and nutrition.